Recent Call Reports


by Anonymous, 37 minutes ago / Area Code 289 / Phone Number 2899211858 / Comment 1
Received a text message at 5 am that was spam for a mystery shopper scam.


by Anonymous, 40 minutes ago / Area Code 269 / Phone Number 2698761622 / Comment 1


by Anonymous, 47 minutes ago / Area Code 928 / Phone Number 9282207108 / Comment 1
Found this number on my caller id.


by Anonymous, 55 minutes ago / Area Code 757 / Phone Number 7572140742 / Comment 1
They just called our landline. I let it go to vm. They didn't say anything. Call Notification from 7572140742 - V1302030530006475819 at Nov 30, 2016 8:30:54 PM


by Anonymous, 1 hour ago / Area Code 540 / Phone Number 5405380873 / Comment 1
Unwanted call


by Anonymous, 1 hour ago / Area Code 251 / Phone Number 2517259193 / Comment 1
No voicemail was left.


by Anonymous, 1 hour ago / Area Code 541 / Phone Number 5412255736 / Comment 1
No message


by Anonymous, 1 hour ago / Area Code 331 / Phone Number 3313945222 / Comment 1
I received a call from a guy claiming to be by Cousin Rogelio i haven't seen in 20 years 332-336-7625. He was on his way and wanted my address. I sent my aunt text and said your cousin is here in New York i probably a scam.


by Anonymous, 2 hour ago / Area Code 626 / Phone Number 6267689097 / Comment 1
Calls all the time.


by Anonymous, 2 hour ago / Area Code 909 / Phone Number 9092194421 / Comment 1
Called my cell, left no message.


by Anonymous, 2 hour ago / Area Code 626 / Phone Number 6263909988 / Comment 1
Wondering who is that.


by Anonymous, 2 hour ago / Area Code 424 / Phone Number 4242580580 / Comment 1
424-258-0580 called a few times.


by Anonymous, 2 hour ago / Area Code 507 / Phone Number 5072592031 / Comment 1
No message left.


by Anonymous, 2 hour ago / Area Code 239 / Phone Number 2399003511 / Comment 1
nono nonono


by Anonymous, 5 hour ago / Area Code 866 / Phone Number 8668875342 / Comment 2
Have received 2 calls on my cell phone - when I called back I got a recording asking me to leave my name, phone number & file number if applicable. It is some sort of cable collection company. As we don\'t owe anything we presume this is some sort of scam.


by Anonymous, 5 hour ago / Area Code 518 / Phone Number 5182659200 / Comment 3
This asshat company person called at 3:30 in the freaking morning. Gonna kick their ass. Gonna report them too. Going to re block my phone AGAIN!


by Anonymous, 5 hour ago / Area Code 918 / Phone Number 9182000037 / Comment 2
CPOK showed on caller ID. Left no message. I don\'t know who it is or what they want, I won\'t answer numbers I don\'t know.


by Anonymous, 6 hour ago / Area Code 575 / Phone Number 5753399065 / Comment 2
It was a Spanish recorded message.


by Lefty, 8 hour ago / Area Code 832 / Phone Number 8328505862 / Comment 2
The number is very obviously in Texas, and yet the Caller ID claims they are Newark NJ. They are liars on all counts.


by Anonymous, 10 hour ago / Area Code 205 / Phone Number 2053271359 / Comment 3
robo call about a payment to my account. Scam!


by RichieB, 11 hour ago / Area Code 239 / Phone Number 2393090082 / Comment 2
POS said I bought SOMA f4rom him, I said no and pissed him off, he called back using 339-230-5730, 270-216-4017 caller ID moises sanabria


by Anonymous, 11 hour ago / Area Code 980 / Phone Number 9805337071 / Comment 3
No message left, no idea who this is or what.


by Anonymous, 12 hour ago / Area Code 650 / Phone Number 6504816722 / Comment 2
No one says anything when you answer as if they\'re just checking to see if the called aworking number that they can sell to telemarketers.


by Quick Brown Fox, 13 hour ago / Area Code 805 / Phone Number 8058198236 / Comment 2
Another unwanted call from this Lompoc cell number arrived today, just 2 days since the last unwanted call on Dec. 5. When the call rolled to voice mail, the caller left no message, just dead space. This is a favorite tactic of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who use automated dialers to troll the phone lines seeking gullible schmucks to rip off.Several posters have unmasked this miscreant as a scam HVAC contractor who may allege a previous conversation about doing business. Folks, these shysters specialize in wallettechtomy -- surgical removal of the wallet! Protect yours by letting your answering machine take their pathetic, criminal entreaties.


by Anonymous, 13 hour ago / Area Code 510 / Phone Number 5107563038 / Comment 2
Nous avons reçu un appel téléphonique à notre domicile, aujourd\'hui, soit le 07 décembre 2016, à 11h36 am, du 1-510-756-3038.Nous habitons à Châteauguay, dans la province de Québec, au Canada.Lorsque j\'ai répondu, un message automatisé avec la voix d\'un homme a débuté, disant: \"Bonjour, vous avez besoin d\'argent? Les banques vous refusent un prêt? Faîtes le 1 pour parler avec l\'un de nos représentants, sinon faîtes les 2 pour que l\'on vous retire de cette liste\". (En français)J\'ai raccroché, ne pressant aucun numéro et je suis venu aussitôt pour le déclarer car quelle compagnie ne se présente pas? Aucune, surtout si l\'on est pour faire une demande de prêt, donc je suis certaine que si j\'avais autorisé le transfert d\'appel, ils auraient tenté d\'obtenir mes renseignements personnels.


by Shelleyjo, 13 hour ago / Area Code 214 / Phone Number 2146468603 / Comment 2
Same thing called 3 times in a row no message left, called number didn\'t even ring simply went into hold music so I hung up


by JENNA, 13 hour ago / Area Code 817 / Phone Number 8170247862 / Comment 5
City prefix never starts of with a 0 so could be part of an international number / voip number, No doubt a scammer


by Laura, 14 hour ago / Area Code 876 / Phone Number 8762814119 / Comment 2
THIS IS A SCAM!!! A Jamaican man with a heavy accent called claiming to be Michael Fester from American Cash Awards Company on behalf of Publishers Clearing House called me and asked if I received the 2 award notifications by mail that were sent to me. I told him no. He said I won $8.5 million and a 2016 Mercedes Benz E Class car. (Exactly what he said.) Asked me if I was home or at work. I asked how that is relevant. He said he has to ask these questions and to just answer the questions. I told him i was skeptical because i was looking up the company and there are reports of a scam with the BBB. He said that is nit correct information and i shouldn\'t believe it. (Seriously?) He said to write this info down. His badge number 01362 and my package delivery number EL020-836-7791-US. He made me repeat it back to him correctly. He said they would send a certified check from PCH. He asked if i wanted to receive my prize publicly on TV and the internet or privately so no one knows my business. I told him publicly. Then he told me he had to ask some questions to fill out the paperwork. He asked me if I was in debt. I asked why does he need to know he said the IRS requires he ask these questions and I just need to answer them if I want my prize. He asked my marital status, am I a citizen of the US, if i had an account with a bank and if I have dependents. He asked how far from Franklin, LA do we live. I gave him approximate miles. He asked if I was close to a Walmart and how far. T


by shane, 14 hour ago / Area Code 857 / Phone Number 8573178397 / Comment 2
Keep getting calls to my business 800 without leaving message. I am going to block them


by Ellyson, 15 hour ago / Area Code 980 / Phone Number 9802423237 / Comment 2
Scam collectors.Do not answer the phone and do not give them any information. Block their number.