678 Area Code

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Area code location is in United States, Georgia, (Atlanta) . Time zone is Eastern.

Recently Reported Phone Calls in 678 Area Code


Anonymous 27 day ago / Phone Number 6787825601 / Comment 1
Keeps calling and leaving no message. Block!!


Anonymous 27 day ago / Phone Number 6788181166 / Comment 1
Scam. Selling cheap telephone service. Do not answer rings from unknowns!


Anonymous 29 day ago / Phone Number 6787925701 / Comment 1
A guy called and said he was with GPS Corporation and that his boss met with my boss a couple of weeks back. I don't think so. BIG lie. They won't leave messages and they call almost everyday - always someone different calling.


Anonymous 29 day ago / Phone Number 6787238976 / Comment 1
They call and no one is on the other end. The line eventually disconnects. I called back and it's some kind of subscription group. Definitely a telemarketer.


Anonymous 29 day ago / Phone Number 6782032197 / Comment 1
So this number is now supposedly associated with some Children Leukemia charity. Let's face it, it's probably another scam number. It also thinks that if it calls 3 times in one day I'll answer it, but it was proven wrong.


Anonymous 29 day ago / Phone Number 6787137940 / Comment 1
My caller ID showed this number.


Anonymous 29 day ago / Phone Number 6785097400 / Comment 1
Conyers, Ga. User busy when I try to call back. No voicemail. Probably automated BS.


Anonymous 4 hour ago / Phone Number 6785983773 / Comment 1
the owner of this phone sells counterfeit Gucci shoes


Anonymous 6 hour ago / Phone Number 6788859750 / Comment 1
Who owns the number?


Anonymous 22 hour ago / Phone Number 6784531815 / Comment 1
phone call


Anonymous 23 hour ago / Phone Number 6787720291 / Comment 1
he is selling trucks tries to have u meet him at night. 2nd time he has done this


Anonymous 1 day ago / Phone Number 6788315446 / Comment 1
Did not leave a message.


Anonymous 1 day ago / Phone Number 6786195974 / Comment 1
Just got a call from this number. Didn't answer. I imagine it's yet another debt collection agency. I just went ahead and blocked them on my phone.